Saturday, March 7, 2020

Day 355

Last year, I ran my first sub-2:30 half marathon at the Amazing Half Marathon (2:29:32), and I set a new PR at the Baton Rouge Beach Half Marathon in December (2:26:54). Today, I took exactly 9 minutes off of my time at last year's Amazing Half and 6:22 off of my half marathon PR with a finish time of 2:20:32. I was thrilled about this because I thought I would be close to my Baton Rouge Beach time--maybe a little over, maybe a little under. I am attributing my success to the margarita I drank at Superior last night.

Elena, Sandra, and I celebrated a good race day by going to Waffle House, then I took a big fat nap. I made dinner in the slow cooker (I'm behind pace on my 100 meals in 2020 goal--gotta catch up!) After Richard went to work, Scooter and I walked 2.2 miles, and I caught up on such exciting activities as laundry and unloading the dishwasher. I also started preparing for my midterm that is happening on Friday morning, and I feel fairly certain that I will need to hide under a rock with my study materials most of this week if I want to perform well on the that's fun. Fortunately, my other classes are not giving me the same caliber of demands, so I should be able to restructure my time to prepare for the midterm.

Tomorrow, I'm heading to New Orleans for the Women's Half Marathon, then I'll be buckling down and studying...with a dinner interlude for chicken wings because I'm worth it and didn't get to see Cissy at today's race.

Pre-race photo, courtesy of Elena
Something that made today great: Napping with Richard
Time I woke up: 5:30 am

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