Sunday, March 8, 2020

Day 354

Whew, what a weekend! I had a blast over the past few days and am a little tired, but I am optimistic about the upcoming week. After missing my marathon last weekend, it was nice to be toeing the line at two different races this weekend. I even managed to run a 2:27-ish race today, which is my unofficial 3rd best half marathon time! I am waiting on the official results to see if it's actually my second best half marathon time, but it's pretty close to my Baton Rouge Beach time.

Although we had to wake up at the new 4:00 am (the old 3:00 am) to meet up at 4:45 am and head to New Orleans, the day turned out beautifully. Elena ended up doing the 5K rather than the half, and it was lovely to see her smiling face when I came through the finish line. It was even better to see her smiling face holding a cold beer just for me! I showed my appreciation by doing a celebratory dance. Road tripping and racing with two of my favorite female running buddies was a lovely way to spend the morning of International Women's Day.

After I took a quick shower, I napped for a few hours, and I slept HARD. Once Richard left for work, I worked on my midterm study guide for a bit and then met some friends for dinner part 2 (I ate a little bit of food while Richard ate his dinner), which was a lovely interlude (though I admit that it was a little early to be taking a break since I napped so long today).

This is going to be a good week, and next weekend is our protected weekend for March, so I have that to look forward to as well. I'm going to eat something delicious after my midterm.

Something that made today great: Spending time with so many people I like and love!
Time I woke up: 4:00 am

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