Saturday, March 14, 2020

Day 348

Today turned out to be a very good day! I went to Slow Mode this morning and stayed after to socialize for a bit, which was nice. Our social distancing wasn't exactly 6 feet apart, but we'll work on that in the future.

This afternoon, Richard and I braved Costco. It turned out to not be a huge deal, so I think either (a) the #PanicShopping is slowing down in Baton Rouge, or (b) everyone went shopping yesterday. I'll be interested to see how the next few days shape up, including hearing about how my classes are going to work for the remainder of the semester. There's still so much to figure out...bleh.

A bright spot in a challenging world is that the memes I am seeing online are pretty excellent. Here's one of my favorites from today to lighten the mood.

Something that made today great: Hanging out with Richard for most of the day was pretty fabulous.
Time I woke up: 6:00 am

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