Monday, March 30, 2020

Day 332

Well, after a week of canceled classes and a week of Spring Break, today was....not remarkably different from every other day the past two weeks.

I'm starting to think more seriously about my school work (which is good considering I have a quiz on Thursday and two papers on Friday) and wondering how much I could knock out if I really motivated myself and worked steadily for a few days. For two of my courses, all of the materials are uploaded to Moodle. That means I could do my readings, watch my videos, and turn in the remaining assignments (other than a case study that will take some time) in the next week or two. That'd be quite a sprint, and we all know that marathons/low and slow are more my style, but I am tempted by the idea of getting a lot of things checked off of my list. We'll see how much I can motivate myself.

Richard is off of work this weekend, so I will want to spend time with him on those days. When he's working and going to bed early, though, I could get a lot done. Maybe that is the motivation I need to stop watching Netflix for a little while and start focusing on finishing some major course assignments.

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Something that made today great: I made this butter chicken for dinner, and it was delicious.
Time I woke up: 8:45 am

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