Thursday, February 6, 2020

Day 384

Louisiana weather is wild. I ran outside in the rain last night, and it was 70 degrees outside. Tonight I hit the treadmill because it was dark and 40 degrees. Brr! I find the weather particularly confusing because I am spending so little time outside lately.

This week is winding down, though the weekend and upcoming week are looking like they're going to be just as busy. I'm proud to report that I am sticking to my midnight bedtimes, though. I also climbed 1707 feet over 6.09 miles on the treadmill tonight, and I think that's pretty rad.

Let's go Friday!

Meme from Baton Rouge Moms shared by my friend Willie!

Something that made today great: I made an A on my structural equation modeling quiz! (Jingle-jangle fallacies were not on the quiz, though.)
Time I woke up: 7:00 am

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