Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Day 365

Wow, I'd forgotten how getting sick can totally wreck your shit. (That pun was not intended...) I took today off of work to recover from traveling, push fluids, and rest, and I am still not sure I'm over this sickness. Maybe I have gotten weak, but with travels coming up again next week (attending and presenting at a conference) sandwiched by races on both weekends, I have quite a few commitments. I'm not sure my body can cash all of the checks I wrote in the past.

I'm trying to stay off of the struggle bus, but it's a challenge right now.

I just interrupted writing this blog post to look at struggle bus stickers on Red Bubble. Yikes.

I had a perfectly reasonable reading assignment for class tomorrow, but it took me what felt like forever to read it. For parts of the reading, I needed more time because the content is increasing in difficulty. I also spent a chunk of time flipping back to figures and tables to help me understand. After three 30-minute reading sessions, however, I still had seven pages left to read. Even though I knew better, I felt like I was never going to finish. So what did I do? I watched one of the LSU Football hype videos from the national championship game.

Richard was playing video games when he heard the narrator speaking from my phone. "Beebs....are you watching LSU football hype videos right now?" he asked.
"Maybe. Yes," I replied tearfully. "I just need to finish this reading, and I thought this video would motivate me. I guess I should have worn headphones."
Richard laughed at me, but a mere 2.5 minutes later, I told him with confidence, "Seven more pages can make me a legend."

Watch the magic for yourself here.

Image result for lsu hype wallpaper

Something that made today great: I enjoyed resting in my own bed!
Time I woke up: 9:30 am

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