Saturday, January 25, 2020

Day 396

Today didn't go exactly as planned, but that's okay. It started when I snoozed my alarm too many times and woke up too late to go run with Slow Mode, but I drove out to the lakes and waited for a few minutes to see if I could say hi to anyone coming back from their run/walk. I didn't see anyone from Slow Mode, but I watched people run, walk, and cycle by while I sat in my loaner car (a 2019 SUV that still has some new car smell) and listened to "Little Moments" by Brad Paisley. I have no idea why that song was on my mind this morning, but I did enjoy singing along with my best country twang.

Last night, Richard and I also made the decision to drop $2100 on a repair for my car--the rear main seal is leaking, which happens with age but is not a "beginning of the end" type of repair--so I also called the dealership to let the service department know our decision. Although we try to make responsible adult decisions and set aside money each month for emergencies, I always get stressed out when something unexpected happens. Even after I confirmed the decision with the dealership, I found myself worrying about the situation. That was a bit of a damper on an otherwise good day.

I had to leave the lakes after a few minutes because I was scheduled to volunteer at the Diaper Bank from 9:00-1:00. We put up some additional shelving, which I tested by standing on the middle shelf to position the top shelves. The units are rated for 800 pounds, which is more than I weigh, but we are confident that we did a solid enough job to store cases and packages of diapers.

This was my model pose.
The Diaper Bank is near a Popeye's, and today I elected to go through the drive-thru for lunch. After only having a Clif Bar for breakfast, I rationalized a fast-food lunch, including sweet tea instead of water or a calorie-free soda. Today was my second time to experience the infamous chicken sandwich (I ordered mine spicy), and it was as magical as the first time. The Popeye's sandwich is not just hype.

After I ate, I was some combination of tired, sad, and in a food coma, so I took a little nap and met Ellen for a walk at 3:00 pm. The weather this afternoon was incredible--sunny and in the 60's--and the combination of sunshine and good company helped put me in a better mood. I made it out to exercise twice today, as I joined Richard and Scooter on a Family Dog Walk.

I'm optimistic that tomorrow will be more productive than today was in the arena of getting things done for school, but I am glad I was able to take care of some non-academic business today. Tomorrow also holds slow cooker meal #8 of 100!

Something that made today great: Planning a reunion trip with some of my best friends!
Time I woke up: 7:32 am

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