Monday, January 27, 2020

Day 394

After a weekend that didn't go quite how I hoped it would, I am starting to get my groove back (possibly like Stella did, possibly not...I've never actually seen or read How Stella Got Her Groove Back) and feel less like moping around or sleeping. For good measure, I did sleep in again today, but that's behind me for the week. I'm going to be at work at 8:00 am three out of the remaining four days this week. (Hopefully, saying that here is enough to make it happen). I'm chipping away at the things I have due this week and starting to think about upcoming projects. This is as it should be.

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Tomorrow starts the next cycle of Lunchtime Lifts, which I am excited about but also kind of dreading because I have not been one with the weights in some time. I don't think I have done a single lunge, crunch, or squat outside of regular life movements, either. Since I have not been in a RunBet for a few weeks, running has fallen by the wayside a bit, but I have been walking! My next RunBet starts on Monday, and I am looking forward to having that structure/pressure back in my life.

Something that made today great: Not being so mopey was a good feeling.
Time I woke up: 9:45 am

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