Friday, November 1, 2019

Day 236

It’s the first day of November! I spent so much time focusing on surviving the madness of October that I failed to realize I’ll be traveling for about half of the month! I have two conferences scheduled—MSERA in New Orleans and ASHE in Portland—plus Thanksgiving travels you Georgia. I guess I better buckle up for this ride, too. There’s a lot of reading and writing to be done over these next few weeks!

I’m still trying to balance a solid running schedule. I had 5 miles on my RunBet, but Sandra suggested that we do the 6+ mile loop of the LSU lakes, so we did that. I can tell my body is still recovering from the 50K, but we had a good run today. The cooler weather is helping!

Something that made today great: I got into the Semper Fi Challenge! Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be doing the Semper 5ive and Historic Half in May and the Marine Corps Marathon 50K in October. 
Time I woke up: 9:15 am

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