Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Day 210

As expected, the funeral was tough. There were so many young people coming to honor their friend and support the family, and I couldn't help but wonder how many of them were, like Kevin Arnold, seeing for the first time that someone who is basically a kid can cease to exist. Troy had a great showing with a beautiful message full of fun stories and sweet memories. One of the pastors made a joke about not being able to see some of the people in camouflage, and I might've laughed a little too loudly at that one. Several people commented that he packed a lot of life into 21 years, which is true. Troy was, as many said today, "solid," and that's how I'll always remember him.

Heading into Thanksgiving tomorrow, I plan to be extra thankful to spend time with loved ones. If I can pull myself out of bed early enough, I'm going to run the Gobble Wobble in Wilson for physical and mental health purposes. I'm already starting to wobble ever so slightly...

Country sunset as captured by my iPhone 6S. No filter needed. :)
Something that made today great: I made amazing progress on my statistics project (assuming my professor doesn't debunk any of the conclusions I reached or throw another wrench into my plans)!
Time I woke up: 7:45 am

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