Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Day 267

It's only Tuesday, and I am already tired. I think this is the part of Ph.D. life that people tried to warn me about. Despite that, I am still having a great week! In bullet form (since it's already 11:52 pm), here are the notable things I did today (letting my dog out didn't make the list today):
  • Fixed my hair
  • Did my makeup
  • Wore a stylish new dress
  • Got my headshot done for the new Title IX dress 
  • Went to Lunchtime Lifts (I changed out of my dress) and didn't fall or cry
  • Had a productive meeting with my advisor
  • Worked on presentations for a conference next week
  • Wrote a proposal for a potential future publication
  • Did most of my homework for tomorrow
...and since I did most of my homework, not all of it, this is where I will end my post for the day.
Post-Lunchtime Lifts selfie

Something that made today great: I am picking two today! 1) Catching up with Ariel and 2) Richard bringing me a delicious burger for dinner.
Time I woke up: 7:30 am

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