Friday, October 4, 2019

Day 264

I am not 100 percent sure, but I think I won at adulting today. My Friday night consisted of knitting, eating tacos, and not doing any dishes. 

The internet told me that today was National Taco Day, and while I know lots of those types of holidays are made up, I did not want to chance missing out on a day dedicated to tacos. 

After work, I went over to Ellen’s house for a bit because we bought matching yarn at Fiber Fun in the ‘Sip and wanted to cast on our knit along project. As I was getting hungry but not excited about making dinner, I asked Richard if he was okay with Taco Bell for dinner. He was quick to agree, and when I called to ask what to order, he suggested a Taco Party Pack. 

Taco Bell offers several products that can be mixed and matched in a Taco Party Pack, but I decided to keep it simple and do a dozen soft tacos. 

For dinner, I plopped the box in the middle of the table, and Richard and I each ate six tacos. Well, Scooter got a few bites of mine.) We didn’t even bother with plates, which meant that there were no dishes to wash other than our drinking glasses. Everything about this meal was a victory, and I have no shame about my unbalanced dinner. 

Photo from Taco Bell

Something that made today great: Eating 5-6 tacos for dinner
Time I woke up: 7:30 am

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