Saturday, October 12, 2019

Day 256

I'm continuing to work through my to-do list, but I started the day off with a little running and brunching to ease into the weekend. I had sworn that this would be a weekend of intense studying--which it's that too--but I needed some time to chill out, breathe, and have a little fun. Then, I did what I said I was going to do and studied. On one of my study breaks, I did take a quick trip over to my polling place to cast my vote in the primary election, so I feel like I did a good job taking care of my physical, emotional, social, and civic responsibilities today. 

The countdown is still on for October 23, but I am feeling less overwhelmed with every task I check off of my list. Even though I have tons to do, I am starting to see that it is possible to get it all done if I can break things down into smaller pieces. Plus, when all of this is over, it'll just about be time to head off to the Marine Corps Marathon, and that is something I have been looking forward to for months. I am almost to single-digit territory in the countdown to my last presentation. I can do this.

I would've voted without the sticker, but it was nice to get a sticker today!
Something that made today great: Running and brunching with fabulous female friends
Time I woke up: 6:15 am

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