Friday, October 18, 2019

Day 250

Today is day 250, which means I am halfway through my 100 days of blogging for the semester. I am also halfway through the semester (this was midterm week, so that does make sense...), which feels good. This semester has been quite the ride so far.

Going into the weekend, I am pleased with my progress on what remains of my lengthy to-do list; my presentation for Monday is done, the one for Wednesday is almost done, and I am not petrified of my statistics midterm that I was supposed to take today but is still pending due to scheduling. I lifted weights yesterday, I have run the past two days, and I took time to knit and watch Netflix tonight.

Best of all, my Work Wife is here! We planned this post-midterm visit before I had my presentation dates, and I have been a little nervous about balancing a guest when I am so stressed out, but I think this is just what I needed. We sat outside and drank cocktails while I knitted tonight, then we went on a date to Fat Cow with Richard and Scooter. After dinner, we drank wine and watched Schitt's Creek, and I did more knitting. Hopefully, this is a sign that I can still have fun, and I won't go into next week as a frazzled hot mess. I don't want to dream too big, but maybe I'll be a hot mess without the frazzle.

Image result for girls weekend
This was a result from when I Googled "Girls weekend." Who knew Natchitoches was such a destination for girls weekends?
Something that made today great: Runch with Jennie followed by lunch from Newk's
Time I woke up: 8:00 am I think.

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