Saturday, October 19, 2019

Day 249

Earlier today, I was texting with some of my classmates from my statistics class about our activity (or lack thereof this weekend), and I reported that my day had consisted of going running, eating brunch, taking a nap, knitting, watching TV, and ordering dinner to be delivered by Waitr. It felt good to not stress out about the upcoming week and just taking time to hang out and relax. Lately, I have worried that time to relax like this is taking away from my school and study time, but today I chose the approach that some relaxation would help me to be a better student and better human.

I've loved having my Work Wife in town for some of our favorite activities. We both took super serious naps this afternoon after running six miles with Sandra this morning, grabbing breakfast/brunch at Ruby Slipper, and doing some shopping at Varsity Sports. Although we considered going out and doing something tonight, we decided that staying in our comfy clothes and ordering food to eat while we binge-watched Schitt's Creek would be a better use of our time. We had a progressive meal of birthday cake, ice cream, and sushi. The original plan was to place a second Waitr order, but we went too hard on the sushi and filled up on that and some wine. We are making impressive progress on Schitt's Creek, and I am expecting a productive day tomorrow.

Cheers to a well-balanced weekend!

Post-run trip to see Mike VII!
Something that made today great: Sandra and I picked out new singlets for the MCM 50K!
Time I woke up: 6:45 am

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