Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Day 245

It is 11:32 pm, and I just submitted my statistics homework that was due at 11:55 pm. I expected to have about 3.5 minutes to write today's blog post, but I ended up with a whopping 28 minutes. When I thought I was going to have much less time, my planned post was going to be two sentences along the lines of "I did it. I finished all of the things I needed to do by October 23." (That isn't entirely true because I skipped two of my journals for finance class--we can skip four per semester without penalty--and my statistics midterm got moved, but I did everything I absolutely had to do.)

I was talking with Jennie earlier today about all of the wins in life this month. Now that I have an extra 25 minutes, though, I am going to take the time to list as many wins as I can think of for the first 23 days of the month. I fell behind in plenty of areas and neglected some aspects of my life, but I also had a lot of wins. Those wins deserve to be celebrated.

This list was compiled without looking back at my previous blog posts. I realize I change sentence structure/tense pretty often here, but you only live once. #YOLO

  1. A LACUSPA educational session on The Lighthouse Program at LACUSPA
  2. Another LACUSPA educational session on working with students of concern at LSU
  3. A solid Access and Choice presentation on Low-SES students
  4. An equally solid Finance in Higher Education presentation on higher education finance in Pennsylvania
  5. Family time at the Utah State game (and more later that day)
  6. Cooking Vegetables Galore (Richard's maternal grandmother's recipe from River Road Recipes)
  7. Running fun with new and old friends
  8. Implementing a 1:00 am bedtime for myself (most of the time)
  9. A relaxing work wife weekend this past weekend
  10. I found out today that my ACPA proposal was accepted, so I'll be presenting in Nashville in March
  11. Starting (and putting in some good work on) several knitting projects
  12. Continuing to attend Lunchtime Lifts class (and getting stronger as a result!)
  13. Really the fact that I didn't quit Lunchtime Lifts is remarkable
  14. Leading journal club with an article about post-college outcomes for fraternity and sorority members
  15.  I think I ate breakfast/brunch at The Ruby Slipper three weekends in a row. I had catfish and grits with a brandy milk punch every time, and it was awesome every time. (That cane syrup butter is the real deal.) 
  16. I discovered some great Spotify playlists thanks to recommendations from friends
  17. Learning a whole lot about multiple regression...
  18. ...and getting to use it in a real paper for the ASHE conference
  19. Partnering with some exciting scholars for my statistics project
  20. Richard turned 34!
  21. Eating delicious cake from Ambrosia thanks to Richard being born in October
  22. Enjoying gin and juice made with juice of satsumas from the tree in our yard
  23. Fleshing out my wardrobe with great finds from Dillard's clearance
  24. Celebrating all of the madness of the month (so far) with classmates at Superior tonight
These past few weeks have been insane, but I survived. Phew.

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Something that made today great: Reminiscing about LSMSA over Facebook messenger with Freddy-May
Time I woke up: 6:30 am

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