Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Day 295

I think I have written this exact sentence before, but the thing about four day work weeks is that they're not all that great when you realize you still have to do five days of work in four days. Past Kimberly (aka, me last night) was so optimistic about the extra time to rest and catch up on things, but Current Kimberly (aka, me today) realizes that if today is Tuesday, that means tomorrow is Wednesday, and Wednesdays are busy days for me this semester.

That said, I had a good first day back at work. I went for a run around 4:00, which was a stupid time to try to run, but I got it done. I had a Junior League meeting tonight which was lovely and included dinner (WIN!) After coming home and walking Scooter, I settled in to do some homework, but I think I'm going to shower and go to bed pretty soon, because I'm losing steam on the school portion of my tasks tonight. Alas.

Anyway, hooray for Hump Day?

Something that made today great: Surprise king cake in the kitchen at work!
Time I woke up: 8:10 am

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