Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Day 145

My energy seems to come in waves; last night I was so full that I went to bed early, and tonight I'm looking to be up past midnight. I've already done quite a bit of reading, but I have some other stuff to tackle, and it seems wise to do it while I'm riding this wave of energy and focus. Also, this weekend is the Screaming Monkey 100, the GOATS inaugural trail festival, so I will be traveling this weekend and won't be spending much time (if I am honest, any time) on school work while I'm away. Looking ahead to next week, there's plenty of stuff I can be working on before I leave town.

Here's a stock photo (from Pexels!) of a camel for hump day. 
I had a great Wednesday! I woke up feeling rested (imagine that) and had a good day at work, followed by Girls on the Run practice. Since I didn't have class tonight, Sandra and I went and ran a 4-mile loop around the LSU lakes before I headed home to eat dinner. Richard made turkey spaghetti, which was extra delicious because I didn't have any involvement in the prep or cleanup. (I did help him portion the leftovers into smaller containers because Richard struggles with scooping out what I would call reasonable portions. Then, I read lots of pages and did some laundry. Hooray for productivity!

It's kind of hard to believe that I'm past the halfway point of this week. Time is flying, and while I'm ready to wrap up the semester, there's still stuff to be done over the next few weeks. Here's hoping that I can stay strong.

Something that made today great: The weather was lovely! (But it's supposed to rain starting tomorrow, I think.)
Time I woke up: 8:00 am

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