Sunday, April 28, 2019

Day 122

The time is 11:45 pm, and I am late starting my blog post because was engrossed in my literature review once again. I'll be so glad when I get this document to the point that I can send it to my professor for revisions, but I'm beginning to wonder if or when that will ever happen. In fact, the way I feel about my literature review is beginning to mimic the way I was feeling about my own healing when I was sick a few weeks ago. For several days, I kept thinking that the next day would be the day that I felt better, but I made multiple incorrect predictions. Alas. 

I did have a good Sunday of sleeping in, writing, taking Scooter to the park, picking up dinner and catching up with Ariel, and more writing, so I'm pleased with the balance of work and play, and I'm going into finals week feeling strong. Hopefully, it will stay that way.

Fun date with my best dog today!
Something that made today great: Scooter and I went to the park for almost an hour today and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!
Time I woke up: 10:59 am

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