Monday, March 4, 2019

Day 175

In case my less-than-riveting blog posts these past few days haven’t been an indicator, I haven’t really been feeling like myself lately. I thought for a while that I was just tired, but that doesn’t seem to be the only issue.

Today, I decided to stay home from work (most people were taking the day off since tomorrow is Mardi Gras) and continue resting. I also decided to try to find a doctor who works with my insurance. (I love the Student Health Center at LSU and am going there Wednesday, but I wanted to have someone off campus too in case there’s something more complicated going on.) Since I had the time, I logged on to my insurance company’s website to look for options, and I started making calls.

But this wasn’t your regular making calls from a website.

Instead of having links I could click and prompt my phone to call, I had to manually dial the numbers myself. Not a big deal, this is something I did frequently at LSMSA: look at a number and remember it for long enough to turn around, walk to the phone, and dial out. 

Only no matter how accurate my memory is, it’s not helpful when the insurance company lists the wrong numbers. 

I’ve dialed plenty of wrong numbers in my life. It’s not normally a big deal. I am a child of the 90’s, and I occasionally made phone typos. I still make them now.  But today, when I dialed numbers as written, I didn’t hear from the correct party on the other end. The first time it happened, my voice quivered, but I made it through the call before letting a few tears roll down my face. 

By the third time, I was incoherently sobbing and apologizing to the wrong number I’d dialed.

Woah baby. Get a grip.

Not me, but I think this is the face I made. Image from Meme Generator

I did eventually get through to an in-network provider, but what a journey it was! I have no idea why I was so emotional. Dialing a wrong number is like a 1.13 on a 1-10 scale of mistakes a person can make in life, but anyone overhearing my phone call would’ve thought I had done something way worse.

I did manage to get it together and do some school work today, but I am going to need to get out of this funk sooner rather than later. Thank goodness I have tomorrow off too. Geez. 

Something that made today great: king cake, ice cream, and a piece of candy
Time I woke up: 8:40 am

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