Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Day 173

Today was a much better day, and for that I am thankful. I think it helped to have responsibilities and tasks to attend to as opposed to having the freedom to plop back into bed whenever I got a little tired. I wouldn't say I was bursting with energy, but I did have a productive day including work, a Junior League training, reading for class tomorrow, eating dinner (prepared by Richard), going for a run, and reading an article for the literature review I'm writing. (See, that sounds more like my regular self!)

After last week's meeting with my advisor, I'm tossing out a chunk of the ideas I had for my grant proposal and looking to ask (and hopefully answer) questions from a different angle. Tonight, I read "The Two Different Worlds of Black and White Fraternity Men: Visibility and Accountability as Mechanisms of Privilege" by Rashawn Ray and Jason A. Rosow, and it totally rocked my world. As I'm wading through article abstracts, there are way more times that I end up resorting a file "for later" (that is, a general "articles" folder that I might never revisit) or entirely deleting it than when I find one that is going to work. This one knocked it out of the park by being what I was looking for but also inspiring me to think more deeply about certain aspects of my research. When the sticky notes, highlighter, and pen all come out, it could just be true love.

(If all you got from the above paragraph was "Nerrrrrrrrrrd. Nerd stuff. More nerd stuff. NERD. ALERT" then you pretty much got the whole point.)

I'm optimistic about the rest of this week. I can do this! (And if I ever doubt I can, I have plenty of people who will remind me that I can...which is awesome.)

Something that made today great: Junior League training meeting on "Simple Wisdom for Women" - I'm already using some of what I learned.
Time I woke up: 7:15 am

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