Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Day 160

While I was searching Pexels for a stock photo to use in today's post, I first entered "runner" and received 97 results. Then, I typed "fast runner" and learned that Pexels doesn't use Boolean search limiters when I received 877 results. This is in stark contrast to what I've seen in my time as a runner. There are plenty of runners out there, but there are not more fast runners than runners. Fast runners are included among the runners. I settled on this picture of what looks like a person tying their laces and preparing to go for a run.

Photo from Pexels

Anyway, since I managed to beat my 2:30 half marathon goal, I want to continue working on speed. I'm signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon 50K at the end of October, and runners for the 50K have to maintain an 11:30 pace for the first 14 miles and a 14-minute pace for the remaining 17 miles. I have plenty of time, so I'm not too worried. Actually, I'm kind of excited that I have this cutoff hanging over my head to keep me motivated while I'm training in the summer. I recently finished a Half Marathon Trainer RunBet, and now I'm taking it easier with a different RunBet that gives me a minimum amount of running per workout, and my goal is to average a 10-minute per mile pace or faster for each workout. The longest workout is 45 minutes, which would put me at 4.5 miles, but I'd be thrilled to run 6 miles in 60 minutes. We'll see where it goes between now and April 21. Tonight, my goal was 2 miles in 20 minutes, and I hung in there for 28 minutes, or 2.8 miles. Not too bad!

I've been doing this running thing for a while, and though I lack any sort of formal training from an accredited institution, what I have found is that people who want to be faster runners have to run faster. So, I'm doing just that and hoping it sticks. Sure, I'm only running faster for a short distance, but this is how I'll trick my body into thinking what I currently consider "fast" is actually not so fast.  My RunBet ends on April 21, so I'll assess my progress and start the cycle all over again after that.

Something that made today great: Catching up with Ariel and getting excited for her shower!
Time I woke up: 8:30 am

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