Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Day 159

Another short-ish one today because I’m falling asleep. I stayed up way too late last night, and it really did me in. But it’s okay, because I can go to bed tonight. 

I filed our taxes today, which was much less complicated than I expected this year. Richard and I had planned to hire someone to do our taxes, but then I decided to see how much trouble they’d be do do on my own. I’m glad I did, because H&R Block made our taxes easy, and Richard said I should use the leftover money from not hiring someone to do our taxes to register for races. That seems like a fair deal to me!

I ended up owing the state of Louisiana $13 in Consumer Use Tax as taxes on some shirts I ordered from Custom Ink, so I am dropping those big bucks in the mail tomorrow. I chose a Voldemort stamp from my Harry Potter stamp book, and I hope the person who gets the mail at the Louisiana Department of Revenue has a sense of humor!

Something that made today great: nerding out about distractor analysis and validity in my Testing and Measurement class. It’s actually probably kind of weird how much I like that class. Also my partner and I got really good feedback about our Paradigm Project that we submitted on Monday! 
Time I woke up: 9:00 am

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