Friday, February 15, 2019

Day 191

Cheers to the weekend! The word for this weekend is balance. I want to achieve a perfect, or at least nearly perfect, balance of sleep/relaxation, fun stuff, and school work, and I think I know what to do to make it happen.  Back in September (days 51 and 52), I had an epic weekend where I found a pretty good balance of all of those things, so I’m looking to repeat that this weekend. 

I have started using Pexels when I don’t have my own photo for the day, and this photo of macarons came up when I searched for “balance.” Even though it’s not really what I was looking for, I love macarons, so I picked it. 

Last time, my goals were: “Go for at least two runs, do at least six hours of reading/homework, take at least two naps, watch at least four hours of TV, and wear my pajamas for at least 24 hours of the weekend. I'll also do some laundry.” I achieved them all..

This time around, I am adding “go to the grocery store” and “knit for at least two hours” to the list, and I’m upping the homework time to eight hours because I have enough to do to fill that time. Also, I can knit and watch TV at the same time and double dip a bit, so that’s not a huge change. 

While the word of the weekend is balance, the goal from achieving this balance is mostly to prevent being as tired as I was this week. Since I have plans to be out of town next weekend for a Davis sisters weekend, I need to do a good job getting ahead on work so I can start the following week strong. So, here I go!

Something that made today great: Awesome discussion during Journal Club
Time I woke up: 5:30ish, but I was back to sleep from 6:15-9:00

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