Monday, February 18, 2019

Day 188

I am not the kind of committed blogger who receives payment to promote things, so as I’ve said before when I’ve recommended things, nobody is paying me for what I am about to say. Also, Richard says it’s probably a little early to be writing about ice cream since it’s snowing elsewhere in the country, but I'm ignoring him. 

When I went to the grocery store on Saturday night, I was pleased to find that my local Albertson’s had Blue Bell ice cream pints on sale for $1.79 each, so I picked up two (the posted limit). For those not familiar with Blue Bell ice cream, all of the kinds are delicious, so I really couldn’t go wrong with any combination of flavors, but I chose the Cookie Two Step—a tried and true favorite—and a new flavor, Raspberry Fudge Brownie. (Here’s a press release about the new flavor.)

I like most kinds of ice cream. My least favorite flavor is chocolate, and I’ll eat that if it’s my only choice. I don’t eat ice cream every day or even every week, but I have never met a flavor of ice cream I didn’t like, so ranking high on my ice cream list is an honor not to be taken lightly. 

Y'all. Raspberry Fudge Brownie rocked my world. 

I am not messing around when I say that I have found my new favorite ice cream. Almond flavored ice cream with raspberry swirl, bits of chewy fudge brownie, and chocolate chunks? Holy cow. Sign me the heck up for that every day and twice on Sunday. (No cow or sundae puns intended.) I need to eat all of the vegetables in our freezer to make space for the board of this limited time flavor that I plan to purchase. While I’m at it, I better amp up my running miles to keep the quad butt as I increase my ice cream intake. I was responsible and only ate one serving (1/2 cup) of it tonight, but I make no promises for what I might do in the future. 

Do yourself a favor and go buy a container of this little piece of Heaven. 

Something that made today great: After dinner family dog walk!
Time I woke up: 5:20ish

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