Sunday, February 24, 2019

Day 183

Well, I missed blogging yesterday. That was partially due to poor planning/scheduling but mostly due to having so much fun. In fact, we were having so much fun that we failed to take a decent photo, too. 

Despite the fact that we skipped the actual 5K race yesterday morning, Davis sisters weekend was a smashing success! Yesterday, we had a leisurely breakfast, completed our 5K on a trail near Becca’s neighborhood, and went for brews and a late lunch at Karbach Brewing. Then, we came home and caught a nap before going to see Mamma Mia. After the show, we had dessert and headed back home. It was a good thing we had a nap, because we were out past midnight. The show was fabulous! I need to see more musicals, but going to shows has not been a priority for me lately. Perhaps a Richard and I can go on a hot date to one soon.

Maryanne left around 10:30 this morning, and I spent the early portion of the afternoon doing a training run for my RunBet. RunBet is forcing me to exercise with regularity, but the higher mileage weeks have been kicking my tail. I will be glad when I finish this RunBet in two weeks and can sign up for another RunBet with shorter distances. I enjoyed the company of my nephew Wesley on my runs both yesterday and today, which made the ambitious weekend miles a little easier. 

For our final weekend treat, Becca and I got manicures and pedicures today. This was my first pedicure since I started running ultras, and my toes didn’t scare the lady who was doing my pedicure, so maybe there will be more pedicures in the future. It was certainly a welcome pampering, and now my fingers don’t look a mess. Surely that means this will be a wonderful week. 

Something that made today great: On my training run, I ran my fastest half marathon ever!
Time I woke up: Around 9:45 am...I was late getting to bed and was in and out of sleep, unfortunately. 

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