Friday, January 25, 2019

Day 196

I loved having Monday off from work and school, and I enjoyed that time to its fullest. Unfortunately, that bit me in the rear, and I spent the rest of the week catching up from my relaxing Monday. The first thing to fall by the wayside was running. I skipped running on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because I didn’t get out of bed early enough to go before work (partially because I was up late reading and working and partially because I did not want to run in the cold), and my days and evenings were packed! Richard has been either working or out of town all week, and the “temporarily single dog mom” life has limited my schedule’s flexibility. 

The good news is that I am doing a half marathon trainer RunBet that requires me to run four days per week if I want to keep my money, so running is a priority for my weekend activities. Thanks to the end of (or break in) the government shutdown, my first 100K is on for next weekend. (We were unsure until today’s announcement!) Since the RunBet week runs from Monday to Sunday, I’ll have to tackle most of my RunBet runs early so I can rest right before and after the race. 

As if my distance goals were not ambitious enough, I have decided to shift my focus to running some faster races, starting with beating 2:30 in the half marathon. I have my sights set on doing this in just six weeks at the Amazing Half Marathon in Baton Rouge on March 9, which initially seemed overwhelming until I found a plan from Runner’s World that makes the goal seem achievable as long as I stay injury free between now and the race. Today, I ran 7 miles at a sub-12 pace, and tomorrow calls for 5 miles at a sub-11 pace. I’m excited to follow this plan to a new PR even if I miss 2:30 on my first attempt. 

Other than running, school is keeping me plenty busy. I am still loving my classes this semester and am enthralled (albeit occasionally confused) by our reading. My bachelorette Friday night has included watching Netflix, reading, playing on my phone, reading, and repeating the cycle. I’m optimistic that I’ll head into next week more prepared than I did this week, although that’s a pretty low bar. 

Something that made today great: Briefly catching up with Ariel this afternoon
Time I woke up: 8:28 am

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