Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Day 6

I think my body is taking the cold weather as a sign that the end of the semester is here and I need to start preparing for finals, because I have been in study mode in all of my free time today. I’m probably not sending myself any signals to cotnradict ethos sign either, as I’m hunched over my kitchen table with a book and notepad working long statistics problems. It’s so cold outside that I. Wearing a sweatshirt indoors, and it’s giving me a throwback to days of walking to the library at Mercer in my Christmas sweatsuit to study for finals. Looking back, those were good days, but I know the reality was that the end of the semester was stressful. 

One thing I am proud to report is that among the craziness of the past few weeks, I’m starting to find my balance again. I’m making better choices about how much and what I eat, I’m finding pockets of time to study instead of staying up super late, and I’m getting back into the routine of running more days than I rest each week. Jennie and I tackled four miles at lunch today, and then I did 1.5 miles at Girls on the Run practice. It’s going to be harder to stay motivated if these temperatures continue to drop, but I do have access to a great fitness center when I need to move my workouts inside. Fortunately, I have a few accountability partners and plenty of cute winter running gear that doesn’t get used very often most years. There’s a silver lining! 

Something that made today great: My father in law is visiting, and we had a delicious Italian dinner tonight.
Time I woke up: 7:43 am

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