Monday, October 1, 2018

Day 50

It's Monday night, which means I'm reading Ebony & Ivy again, but this week, I spread the reading apart, which is helpful for understanding and for not being mentally exhausted by the awful things people did to each other. Win-win.

Anyway, rather than writing about what I'm reading, today I'm going to celebrate the fact that I drank more than 80 oz of water, and I didn't even exercise. (My water intake is always greater on days when I work out.) I'm not the greatest at drinking enough water each day, but today was a good day for staying hydrated and not drinking too much soda. (Full disclosure: I did have a cup of black coffee in the afternoon and a can of Coca-Cola with my dinner.)

I read a few listicles for inspiration on my post about water, but what I've decided to do instead of sharing ten facts about drinking water is share a list of ten benefits that I think would be cool if they were true...but they probably aren't. If I used some of the tests I've learned in statistics class, the results would probably show that I fail to reject my null hypothesis with a significance level of .05, and there is no difference between people who drink more than the recommended amount of water each day and people who do not. Good thing I'm not testing that.

10 Benefits of Drinking Water, according to me:
People who drink enough water each day...

  1. Make better grades in school or perform better at work
  2. Remember to lock the door behind them when they leave the house
  3. Always save 10 cents or more per gallon at the gas pump
  4. Have excellent credit
  5. Are better leaders than their peers
  6. Don't get picked last in PE class
  7. Never lose socks in the washing machine or dryer
  8. Remember to unplug small appliances such as hair straighteners to prevent fire
  9. Are consistently rated "hot" on
  10. Are in more than eight people's "Top 8" on MySpace
Here are some reasons to drink water that have citations.

This infographic has references!

Something that made today great: We had Popeye's for dinner. I love Popeye's but try to go no more than once every month or two.
Time I woke up: 7:58 am

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