Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Day 35

Well, last night's post was a little rough. I turned out to be way more tired than I could have imagined, so I wasn't awake at the time I write most of my daily blogs. According to my watch, I was awake for approximately three minutes to write my blog post. That's kind of impressive. I got nearly ten hours of sleep last night, and that is swell.

Anyway, I had a great Tuesday despite being a bit behind on my reading and having quite a few things to do today in all aspects of my life. In addition to being terrified of thunder, Scooter seems to be afraid of rain. She wouldn't go out to pee last night when it was raining, and while I was able to convince her to come outside in the drizzle/rain this morning, there was no urination involved. Then, it thundered, and all bets were off. The rain did eventually stop, so I jetted home before lunch to let her out and check for any accidents in the house. Scooter peed, I gave her a treat, and then I met people from my office for lunch at Thai Kitchen.

I don't think I have eaten at a buffet style restaurant since I used to go to the buffet in Natchitoches (Lucky Village...I had to Google that) with my coworkers. The different buffet with different coworkers was great, and everybody learned at least one thing from Urban Dictionary today, so that was a great educational moment for all involved.

After lunch, I went to lab (and learned that I did well on my statistics midterm!), went back to work for a little over an hour, and went to class. Our speaker this week was Dr. Walter Kimbrough, President of Dillard University, who gave an engaging talk about HBCUs and provided excellent answers to our questions from all kinds of areas. (These educational leaders we are hearing from have to know so many things!)

Once I made it home, the responsibilities didn't stop. I volunteered to cook dinner tonight (it's always a game-time decision on days when I have work and class and Richard also works), then we had to do some straightening up and organizing before our new furniture comes in the morning and our housekeeper comes in the afternoon. We have visitors this weekend for LSU Homecoming, so we asked the housekeeper to come this week, but I didn't want her to have to go through nonsense we've just left around the house...so we spent about an hour picking up.

I'm doing laundry and just finished ordering new bedding for the furniture that's coming tomorrow...oops. I guess this will help us draw out the excitement of the process. Now, I have fewer than ten minutes before midnight, and among the homework and reading I have left to do, I need to unload the dishwasher and reload it with the dishes in the sink, run another load of laundry, and eventually get some sleep. I was not anticipating such a busy week, but here we are, and it's only Tuesday. Whew.

Something that made today great: Spreading knowledge from Urban Dictionary was hilarious and wonderful:
Time I woke up: 7:14 am

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