Friday, October 19, 2018

Day 32

Some rad things that made my Friday fabulous, in no particular order:

1. Running 5 miles during lunch with Jennie...
2. ...and ending up on the Parade Ground for LSU’s Fall Fest (food and fun!)
3. Chatting with my statistics professor and receiving confirmation that I am on the right track with my project that is due next week
4. Being gifted tickets for tomorrow’s homecoming game
5. The arrival of our weekend guests 
6. Not getting an awful sunburn while running and going to fall fest (though I did get a little one and must endeavor to do better)
7. Richard and Scooter came to visit me at work!
8. Finding out that there’s another graduate assistant in my building  
9. Learning that Richard passed his board exam, which is awesome! I am so proud of him. 
10. Celebrating Richard’s latest achievement with a lovely little bottle of champagne 
11. Having a pretty tasty cup of coffee this morning
12. Singing and dancing to “Callin’ Baton Rouge” in our ombudsperson’s office while trying to convince her to go to the football game tomorrow (despite my excellent singing and dancing, she declined)
13. Finally trying ice cream from the Dairy Store
14. Having a meal in our dining area with guests for the first time

There’s probably more, but I am tired, and I don’t want to seem like I am bragging. I am, however, proud to report that I had a fabulous day. 

Something that made today great: Having friends and family to do life and celebrate with is pretty wonderful
Time I woke up: 7:32 am

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