Monday, August 20, 2018

Day 92

Today was my first day of classes! I showed my enthusiasm for the day by wearing LSU colored clothes, including a monogrammed hair bow in the school colors. I think I am going to like being a 19th grader.

After arriving home late last night, I moved slowly all morning and didn’t go to work until the afternoon, then I had class at 4:30. I look forward to being more rested tomorrow and getting into a routine with work and school this week. My first class was ELRC, which is Introduction to Scholarship in Education. The class has students from doctoral programs throughout the College of Human Sciences and Education. In class, we were able to learn a little about the research interests of our classmates as well as which program they are in, and we have an interesting and exciting group. I have signed up for several library workshops that should help me get into the swing of things as early as possible, which is good since I have been out of school for some time now. 

For tomorrow’s class, Foundations of Higher Education, I have to do some advance reading from one of our books. I still have to read a few more pages before class tomorrow, but I’m too tired now, even though the reading is interesting. (I’m currently nerding out about colonial colleges if anyone is interested in talking about that topic with me!) Fortunately, everything so far has been exciting, but I am realizing that my brain is a little out of shape when it comes to reading a textbook. There is plenty of time to remedy that, though. 

Something that made today great: Ariel called, and we were able to catch up for a few minutes and talk about her wedding next year. Yay!

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