Friday, August 24, 2018

Day 88

I LOVE McDonald’s. Plenty of people who know me even just a little bit know this about me, but people who only know me as a runner are often surprised to hear about my fast food vice. Fries, chicken nuggets, and double cheeseburgers are my top picks from McDonalds’s, but I like the ice cream too. I have tasted the cold, delicious, creamy ice cream, and I know that it is good. I pity those who have been victims of the perpetually-broken ice cream machine at McDonald’s restaurants worldwide. 

After a long week for both of us, Richard and I headed north to Ruston to visit his parents and celebrate his dad’s (my favorite father-in-law’s) 70th birthday. Richard took his board exam today, which he has been preparing to take for months, and he was pretty tired when he finished the exam. He took himself straight to Raising Cane’s for a Caniac (the biggest combo) and ate it all late this afternoon, so he was not hungry for dinner when evening came. Around 9:00 pm, we stopped in Winnfield, Louisiana, which had been our tentative plan because I wasn’t hungry when we left home, but I knew there was a McDonald’s right along our route. The combination of finishing a big and busy week, being close to our destination, and tasting the salty, fried deliciousness of a chicken nugget meal with a fountain Coke? I’m lovin’ it, and I’m not afraid to admit it. 

Something that made today great: talking about dogs with my office mates this morning before kicking off a productive day at work. 

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