Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Day 84

It’s 11:40 pm, and I have just submitted statistics homework that is due at 11:55 pm.  I fought with LSU’s virtual lab for over an hour before concluding that there was a problem on LSU’s end and submitting the homework with a hand written chart instead of a nice one from our statistics software.  The kicker in this is that I created the chart three different times (Sunday when I did the work, yesterday when I figured out how to do more things with the software, and today in lab when we did a different problem with the same set of data) yet I never copied and pasted the darn table into the Word document where I typed the answers to my homework. 

I guess I learned that lesson the hard way. 

In good news, I had a wonderful day with many great moments. I took today off from my GA job to have a study day with one of my classmates, and we were both productive! I understood most of statistics lab, and I really enjoyed my Foundations class this evening. After class, I came home, took off my pants, and cooked cheeseburgers before putting (or attempting to put) the finishing touches on my statistics homework. Now it’s nearly midnight, and I’m wondering what I am doing awake at nearly midnight yet again. Maybe tomorrow will be different. 

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