Friday, August 31, 2018

Day 81

Today was kind of the calm before the storm. There were still preparations to be made, several wonderful guests stopped by, and more family arrived, but it wasn’t a high-stress day on most counts. It’s so good to be together. 

Tomorrow, the day of the funeral, will be a big day. It will naturally be difficult, but I think it will be a proper celebration of life. Hopefully we will hit the mark, and it will be #kathytastic. I have felt honored to be included in some of the preparations. 

I’m feeling less inspired tonight than I was last night. I made a fresh batch of brownies, but we were too tired for B.B. Time. I will sleep well tonight. 

Something great about today: strawberry pretzel salad  Mmmm.  (Disclaimer, that might not be the exact recipe for the one we had, but it seems reasonable, and the photo looks the same. Also, I didn’t take this photo. It’s from the recipe website above.)

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