Friday, May 21, 2021

IVF Cycle 3 / CD 15

I have been quiet lately because I have not had much to update, but everything is going fine. Back in my first cycle, everything was new and fresh, and I didn't think I'd be going through the process multiple months in a row. I was so young and naive back in March!

I finished my nine days of birth control without incident, and I had another ultrasound with bloodwork yesterday morning. The ultrasound technician measured the 13mm follicle from the beginning of the cycle but said it looked like it was going away (as we hoped it would). Since everything looked good, we got our updated calendar to start Lupron today and full stims on Sunday. Our medication schedule is the same as it has been: Lupron twice daily (10 units AM and PM), Follistim twice daily (250 IU in the morning, 125 IU in the evening), and Menopur (2 amps) in the evening.

In the vein of "every cycle is different," something new and different from yesterday's ultrasound was that my AFC--Antral Follicle Count--was higher than it has ever been. The AFC can be an indicator of how successful an IVF cycle will be. (This website explains a AFC in more detail.) In my previous cycles, my AFC readings have always been "0 to 2" or "3 to 4" when I have had ultrasounds, but never "3 to 4" on both sides. Yesterday, we had "3 to 4" on the left and "8 to 9" on the right, so that was really exciting! While AFC is not a guarantee for follicles that will grow and have mature eggs, I am taking this as good sign and excuse to be optimistic about cycle #3.

Our next appointment is on Wednesday, May 26, which will be day 4 of stims. Hopefully, everything will be progressing--but not too quickly--and we can get back to thinking of basketball team names for our follicles. If I recall correctly, Tune Squad was winning in the comments on my Facebook, and I'm completely on board with that.

Something that made today great: Delicious dinner (including the discovery of Freakshow wine) at Roma!

Time I woke up: Noon, though I didn't get to sleep until after 5:00 am.

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