Sunday, January 10, 2021

55 Days Until Race Day

Short post today because I am running out of time!

Training wise, my total mileage today was around 11.7 miles: 3.33 miles of running with Ellen, 8.28 miles of running by myself, plus a cool down that I did not log but was somewhere between .1 and .2 miles. My plan called for 10 miles at 11:41-12:16 minutes per mile, but since I did the wrong thing yesterday, I was mostly concerned with time on my feet. For the 8.28 miles I did solo, I had a moving average of 11:36 min/mi, but Jesse drove by, and I took advantage of the opportunity to chat for a few minutes (2 minutes and 26 seconds according to my watch) with my favorite ole glue stick. Including the break, I still averaged 11:52 min/mi, which was in the prescribed range. Boom.

Tonight, rather than doomscrolling through social media, I baked cookies. I count that as a victory for multiple reasons.

Something that made today great: I got to video chat with all of the BAKErs today! It'd been a little while since we'd seen Brittany. 

Time I woke up: 9:50 am

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