Tuesday, December 15, 2020

33 Days Until Race Day

Good news! I am still sticking to my training plan. Even better news is that tomorrow is a rest/cross-training day, which means the most I will do is ride my bike.

For the most part, I had a good run today. The schedule called for 10 miles: 1.5-mile warmup, 2 sets of 3 miles with 1-mile recovery between, 1.5-mile cooldown. I started sobbing around 8.8 miles into the workout when I thought about finishing the rest of this training plan without going on another run with Ken; it's really starting to sink in that he is gone. On a happy note, however, I managed to hit the prescribed paces for a 4:45 marathon (10:42 min/mile!), and I happen to believe he'd think that was pretty rad. The only modifications I made were (a) walking most of the recovery mile between 3-mile sets and (b) walking the cool-down. I have no illusions of running that fast for an entire marathon that is roughly a month away, but it did feel good to push today! 

Thursday's tempo run calls for 9 miles only slightly slower (I'm aiming for 10:52-11:27 min/mile), so I am beginning to mentally prepare for that. 

Something that made today great: Ellen and I ate lunch outside her house today to celebrate the end of the semester! She made salads, and I brought McDonald's...balance.

Time I woke up: 8:30 am

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