Friday, April 17, 2020

Day 314

The things I am doing these days under the guise of "supporting local businesses" or "stimulating the economy." Richard went back to work on Wednesday, and I thought some fun beer might be a good treat for him, but I failed yesterday. (Turns out I was looking at the beer list for a different location of the same restaurant.) Today, however, was a success, and I bought to-go crowlers of several beers...including Shiner Cheer, which is one of his favorites but isn't typically around in mid-April. I might have to call and find out how much it would cost to buy whatever's left in the keg. Anything to support my local economy during this pandemic, you know.

Something that made today great: I had a lovely afternoon run/walk with Ellen
Time I woke up: 9:45 am...a little late today after staying up last night (again)

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