Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Day 358

Yesterday, I went hard with the conference activities starting with a breakfast session and followed by educational sessions all day long. Today, I took it easier and went to Donut + Dog with Susan for fancy hot dogs and donuts after the plenary speaker this afternoon. We also had some hot chicken for dinner, because that's what one does when visiting Nashville. (We'd hoped to try Bolton's but ended up at Hattie B's instead.) This evening, we checked out a hipster bar (Bar Sovereign)with one of my new conference friends, then we went to the Cabaret, which was fabulous in multiple ways. I also ran into my UIFI co-facilitator, Liz, and we caught up for a while. It was a lovely conference day, and it's hard to believe I'll be back in Baton Rouge and attending class tomorrow. What a whirlwind!

Something that's fun about attending a conference is learning new terminology. I have picked up a few words along the way, but one of my favorites was actually from the Donut + Dog. When the waiter picked up our empty plates, he asked us, "Did it suck outright?" and we were completely puzzled by what he'd just asked us. Our food did not suck outright, and now I have a new phrase for asking if something was bad or not. My learning at this conference has been multi-dimensional to say the least.

Donut destruction and hot dogs ready for consumption
Something that made today great: Lots of good food and socializing/networking today!
Time I woke up: 9:30 am

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