Monday, March 16, 2020

Day 346

On Saturday, I mentioned that I have been loving the COVID-19 memes lately. Of the many things I have seen shared online, a common one is the COVID-19 Daily Schedule for kids who are now home from school (see below). 

While the schedule itself is admirable, it appears that the application is perhaps not as straightforward. I give all parents and caregivers an A for effort on this one, though. I also applaud the meme makers who have been realistic about sticking to an hourly schedule during this time.

Not surprisingly, most of LSU staff will be shifting into working from home starting tomorrow, and I am included in that number. I was telling Richard tonight that I am going to need to set up an optimistic daily schedule for myself that includes work, exercise, school work, cooking, and maybe even a house chore that I've been putting off (cleaning a closet, anyone?) I think I'll make a rough draft, do a trial run tomorrow, and report back tomorrow night. It's worth a shot, and anything has to be better than using all of my downtime to nap or watch TV....but I am definitely scheduling a short nap now that I don't have a commute. Without structure, however, I'm sure to fail. 

Good luck to everyone else who is transitioning to working from home!

Something that made today great: I filed our taxes tonight!
Time I woke up: 8:00 am

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