Saturday, March 21, 2020

Day 341

After my Saturday morning run with Slow Mode (which I kind of didn't want to go to but was glad I went after it was done), I came home, showered, and enjoyed a long morning/early afternoon nap. With encouragement from Richard, I also made the decision to upgrade my phone, so I had a new cell phone to look forward to in the next week. Yay!

Tonight was especially exciting for two reasons. First, Richard and I picked up crawfish for dinner. Somehow, we missed all of last year's season, so this was our first time having boiled crawfish since we moved to Baton Rouge. I seem to have retained my limited peeling skills, which I was pleased about. The second thing is that I saw Richard's chin in real life for the first time ever. He has had a beard since I met him, but his job in the medical field has led to the shaving of the beard, not so much because the beard is unsafe or unsanitary, but more because there could be a perception that the beard is unsafe or unsanitary.

Life just keeps getting weirder around here. Who knows what kinds of things I'll be writing about in a week.

Something that made today great: Crawfish!
Time I woke up: 7:20 am

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