Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Day 337

Yesterday's post was a bit of a downer, but that's okay. The current world situation is a bit of a downer. It's okay to feel the ugly feelings.

Something good in my life is that I am being more intentional about being in touch with people. I have connected with friends near and far with phone calls and text messages, and I have now added card writing to my repertoire! I wrote a card to a sorority sister last week, but I have set an unofficial goal of writing at least one card per day. I didn't establish any consequences for not doing a daily letter--let's be real, I have enough stress and pressure in my life!-- but between the stationery I've acquired over the years and the fountain pen I have recently learned to love, I have beyond adequate supplies for letter writing. What's not to love? If you want a letter, add yourself to my address book here.

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I took the day off from running but had a nice time working from home while Richard was here. After the few days he has had at work, being at home is a welcome change of pace for him. We also started watching The Pharmacist on Netflix. I'm a little behind most of my friends on starting to watch the series, but I am really excited to see the rest of it.

Something that made today great: I did some knitting while Richard and I watched the first part of The Pharmacist on Netflix
Time I woke up: 10:00 am

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