Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Day 331

While I am undoubtedly enjoying being at home, I must say that the amount of my potential blog content has diminished since I am not leaving the house very often. I haven't put gas in my car in weeks. I think I have spent more money on postage stamps than fuel this month.

Raising Cane's emails me multiple times per week to remind me that they're open for business. I guess it's working because Richard and I have picked Cane's for Fried Chicken Tuesday the past two Tuesdays. (Don't shame me for going to the drive thru.) It's particularly impressive that we chose Cane's today when Taco Bell was giving out a free taco (no purchase necessary), but that's how dedicated we have become to our Fried Chicken Tuesday tradition.

I called my mom while I was in the car, as talking with my mom while I go pick up fried chicken on Tuesdays is also becoming a tradition. I expressed some concern that I might eventually have to fry my own chicken, but she assured me that frying chicken is easy (although it can get messy). Maybe I'll enter chicken frying territory once I figure out macarons.

Something that made today great: My office staff shared photos from their weekend/quarantine activities, and that was fun to see!
Time I woke up: 8:30 am

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