Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Day 392

I ended up vague-booking (vague-blogging?) yesterday because I ran out of time and started my daily post just a few minutes before midnight. Tuesday is the only night of the week that I have class, and I must say that scheduling two of my classes in the afternoon was a great idea on my part. Evening classes have their benefits, of course, but I am liking being done by 5:00 pm two days a week. Fighting the 4:30 campus traffic is for the birds, but that should serve as motivation for me to go run the lakes while the traffic clears!3 On the night I do have class, my time post-class to do things (eat dinner, go for a family dog walk, and do some work for school/academia) is limited. I'm taking steps to address my negative moment yesterday, so I'll just leave that vague for now.

I did let some of my mopiness carry over to this morning and allowed myself to sleep in today. The pressure is now officially on to arrive at work by 8:00 for the next two days since I was going for three out of four days after Monday, and I tanked today. I had a productive day at work and had planned to run the lakes with Sandra afterward, but I got a text around 3:30 that my car was ready at the dealership. It was kind of cold outside, and I'm a bit sore from yesterday's Lunchtime Lifts, so I was kind of happy to have an excuse to blow off running...though we took a rain check for tomorrow, so I am not off the hook for long.

Other than regular school stuff, something moderately interesting in my life right now is that I am on a country music kick. I am not really sure where that came from, especially considering last week's obsession was rappers from Louisiana, and my favorite lyric of the week was "I need a Winn Dixie grocery bag full of money right now to the VIP section." Nevertheless, I have been practicing my best country singer twangs and am getting pretty good at it! My heavy Florida Georgia Line accent is compelling, but I can also quickly switch to Lady Antebellum so fast that I almost believe that I, like the singer, "would rather hurt than feel nothing at all." I have not mastered Miranda Lambert, but I feel optimistic about my prospects if this country phase lingers. Maybe I can find a way to blend the last two weeks. Even better would be if I could generate some secondary income with my musical talents.

Okay, it's definitely time for bed.

Took this photo on Snapchat while I was jamming out after my lunch break yesterday. I appreciate the trucks in the background.

Something that made today great: I have my car back!
Time I woke up: 9:00 am

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