Thursday, January 30, 2020

Day 391

Yesterday, I said I was a bit sore from Tuesday's Lunchtime Lifts, but the truth is that I'm more than a little bit sore. My thighs feel like they're on fire any time I am in the process of sitting down or standing up. I hope this translates to speedier running in the coming weeks and months.

On the theme of things I did in the past catching up with me, my weekend of moping and procrastinating caught up with me today when I made an 80 instead of a 100 on my structural equation modeling quiz. Fortunately, my professor drops our two lowest quiz grades, so this could be one of my dropped grades at the end of the semester. One of my friends has switched to living a stress-free life, and this is definitely something he would not stress about. I am trying not to stress about this and am instead rechanneling my energy to be better prepared next week. Overall, though, I have come out of the week relatively scot-free from my less-than-productive weekend. The weeknights have been tough, but I am tough too!...sometimes.

After work, Sandra and I had a lovely 4-mile run around the LSU lakes. Both of us woke up thinking we would go for 6 miles today, but we had decided individually before we met up that today was a 4-mile kind of day. I'm just glad I made myself go do something rather than going straight home to read or sit on my couch. Running is a gift that I often underappreciate.

A special treat today was meeting my classmate, Willie, for dinner at Burgersmith. Tonight was my first time at Burgersmith, but I expect to be back in the future. I treasure the time I spend with my classmates that is not dedicated to studying, doing homework, or working on a project. Having time to talk about the frustrations--and there were several of those--helps tremendously, but what I love even more is hearing about the work my peers are doing and the aspects of their Ph.D. journeys that make them excited. Of course, I also enjoyed sharing what has been exciting for me lately, and I left dinner feeling optimistic again. It's easy to get bogged down in the required stuff and to forget about why we decided to pursue these degrees and eventual careers.

Throwing in a warm, delicious cheeseburger doesn't hurt, either.

Bring on Friday!

Something that made today great: Even with my cheeseburger dinner, I was under my calorie goal on My Fitness Pal today.
Time I woke up: 7:30 am

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