Sunday, December 1, 2019

Day 206

Thanksgiving Break has ended, and I can say with confidence that I am not as well-rested after this break as I expected/hoped to be. A late night of football, karaoke, and beer before an early flight this morning certainly didn't help my situation, but I am giving myself a break on that and say that it was good to let loose for a bit. (I was also able to sleep for three hours once I made it home, and that was pretty wonderful.)

Once I started thinking about everything coming up in the next ten days, I started feeling overwhelmed about the last week of classes and finals week. When Richard and I went to pick up Scooter from Tim and Emily's house, I must have looked extra tired. She finally asked me, "Would it be better for you to just make a B in something this semester?"

It's no secret that I'm somewhat obsessed with my grades. I (mostly) deny being a perfectionist, but I do like to do well in school. At this point, though, I am wearing thin and am ready to be done with this semester. I have learned a lot and had some incredible experiences (both personally and professionally), but I am really wearing down. Maybe a B wouldn't be so bad, especially in exchange for some extra sleep and/or sanity...but I am going to try to rally. Ten more days. Just ten more days.

Something that made today great: Seeing Richard and Scooter again!
Time I woke up: 4:30 am

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