Friday, December 6, 2019

Day 201

Well, I have counted down from 300 to 201, which means I have officially completed the 100-day blogging challenge for this semester! I succeeded in fall 2018, missed the mark in spring 2019, and now I have achieved the goal for fall 2019.

Despite counting down the days and getting closer to 201, the end of this challenge definitely snuck up on me. I have been wrapped up in everything that's been due this semester, and a lot of my daily posts were short ones about how I was tired, busy, or both. This was definitely the hardest semester of my PhD program thus far, but let's be honest: I wasn't expecting it to get easier as I progressed. I implemented a 1:00 bedtime in October that really helped

To wrap up the challenge, I thought I would mention a few of the high points of the hardest semester of my program thus far. Here are ten highlights from these 100 days (in chronological order):

  1. Day 297: I set a new marathon PR of  5:18:58! I'm hoping to beat that in the next year or so. (Bonuses: I set a new 50K PR on Day 241 and a new 10K PR on Day 234.)
  2. Day 293: I got an ice cream cone from McDonald's
  3. Day 271: I got glasses
  4. Day 263: I made Vegetables Galore for a family dinner
  5. Day 256: I voted! (And then I did it again in November!)
  6. Day 251: I felt THE PUMP at Lunchtime Lifts
  7. Day 235: I made some really delicious gumbo
  8. Day 230: I presented some research at the MSERA annual meeting
  9. Day 229: One of several knitting days with Ellen, but this one involved wine, so I picked this one to include.
  10. Day 219: I made a reference to The Office in my statistics homework.
It's been a ride this semester. I might keep going for a few days here and there so I can document how this all shakes out...but that's still to be determined. 

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Something that made today great: I turned in two assignments, and Blake and I made meaningful progress on our literature review that's due next week.
Time I woke up: I rolled over at 8:00 but decided to sleep in...and ended up sleeping until 10:30.

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