Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Day 225

Yesterday was a bit rough, but the bright side was that I allowed myself to go to bed early. I paid for it slightly when I had to pack my suitcase for a five-day trip this afternoon, but I think I packed everything I needed, plus a lot more stuff that I won't end up needing.

I have tried to stay optimistic even on the tough days, but I think I just need a break. I am excited to change up my routine this week by attending a conference. There are tons of amazing sessions, and I am looking forward to all I am about to learn. Once I am back in Baton Rouge, I need to push hard through one more week of school, then it'll be time to head to Georgia for Thanksgiving. I am going to sleep so much that week, I just know it.

But first, conference time!

This turkey is not amused about the approaching Thanksgiving season.

Something that made today great: I arrived at work by 8:00 this morning!
Time I woke up: 7:05 am

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