Friday, November 15, 2019

Day 223

Day 2 of the Graduate Student Policy Seminar and Day 1 of ASHE were awesome! I’ve had quite a few twists and turns in my professional journey, and I realize now that I am not on a fast/direct path to anywhere...I’m going to make mistakes and take the scenic route to wherever I’m eventually going. 

I attended a fabulous session about Critical Whiteness Studies today, and Dr. Chen and I presented our study on social capital and student transfer from community colleges to one particular research university in Louisiana (😉). We grabbed dinner, then we went to the ASHE reception. The reception itself was a bit overwhelming, but I met up with my former student Tori, and we caught up on life for a bit. Then, we stopped by the NC State reception and concluded our day. 

We still have two days left of the conference, and I want to make sure I soak in all of the learning opportunities I can get at the conference. I also love building my network and making new friends! My extrovert is showing, and I love it. 

Something that made today great: I learned so much at my educational sessions today!
Time I woke up: 6:15 am (8:15 in Louisiana)

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